Eden Greenhouses are among the longest established Aluminium Greenhouse manufacturers in the UK with the choice of three glazing options.

Blockley 8ft wide greenhouse

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The Eden Blockley Greenhouse is a 8ft wide greenhouse comes complete with:

  • Double sliding doors
  • Four 2' x 2' roof vents
  • Built in wide gutters with downpipes 
  • Integral base providing quicker installation and reduction in cost over a separate base. 
  • High eaves gives you more room and a more airy feel along with ensuring a much better atmosphere for your plants.
  • Choose from:

    • 3mm horticultural glass 
    • 3mm long pane toughened safety glass.
    • 6mm polycarbonate glazing.
    • Alloy.
    • Green.
    • Black.

    Please Note: No Green Greenhouse Images are available for the Eden Blockley Green Greenhouses.

Eden Blockley alloy greenhouseEden Blockley Alloy 8ft wide

Eden Blockley black greenhouseEden Blockley Green 8ft wide

Eden Blockley black greenhouseEden Blockley Black 8ft wide